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Default Re: Is this pc fast enough for 3D?

Originally Posted by Dreamweavernoob View Post
I dont want to play "new new" games just some old games. I sold my GTX 295 and wish to wait for GT 300.

I might buy a gtx 280 but it would mean having to upgrade my psu
Aah okey, then I sugest you just get that 3D Vision kit as you will be so damn impressed I promise you and just hold on to the GT 300 as you said. do that insted of shelling out a lot of cash for a new card that you will replace when the 300 series comes out

If the games is to heavy in 3D just play those in 2D as the Samsung 2233RZ is without a doubt the fastest monitor you can get, gaming in 120Hz is a bliss and many peps who hated LCD's and clinging on to CRT's are taking the step over when they see this wonder. So you just go ahead and by that 3D Kit. you have never seen gaming as it should be mate, this is just to god to be true
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