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Default Console not restored properly when switching (or returning) from X with TV-out

My graphics card is a GeForce2 MX/MX 400 and I'm using driver 96.43.11 which is AFAIK the latest driver supporting it.

My kernel version is 2.6.28 and I'm working with a normal vga (text) console, no framebuffer.

If I configure X without TV-out, everything's fine. I can switch from X to the console and work there, and after quitting X everything's normal with the console.

But simply activating TV-out changes this. When switching to the console from X now, the cursor stays in the upper left corner of each console. Typed input can be seen, output only if no scrolling is needed (scrolled stuff becomes visible when switching to another console and back again). After quitting X, the console acts almost normal again, but the console font (set with setfont) is destroyed and the cursor repetition delay speed is slightly higher. Thus, the console isn't restored properly.

Without the X server's libint10 module (temporarily removed), the display problems and cursor repetition delay speed problem remain, but the console font won't be touched!

What are the driver's problems with normal vga (text) consoles?

Any hints and help appreciated.
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