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Default Re: VSync Failing under load?

Here's the compulsory bug report for my development machine - maybe it shows the failure, don't know.

But meanwhile, on a hunch, I made my 'fullscreen' object fill the whole twinview display as opposed to the single display it's meant to be on. Then it seemed that both displays - even though one is an internal LCD I've had no luck setting 59.95 Hz on and the other is/should be outputting 720p at 59.94 seemed to be clean of any tearing.

This is a bit of problem for me. I guess the notes on flipping should have said that only a single fullscreen OpneGL app filling the whole TwinView screen would flip? Even on another system with two - theoretically - identical outputs (displays) running as separate threads with their own swap buffer calls we get tearing. Is this a limitation of tearing and TwinView?

So, what's the solution? Can I use two X Screens now? I was having trouble sharing contexts between two screens before - is that supported on 180.xx drivers? Or is the flipping limitation not present on other drivers (hopefully later?)


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