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Default Re: Framelock Setup Problems

So we are able to setup framelock using the GUI just fine. Everything syncs up as it should and all is good. However we are trying to set it up via the command line so that we can have system configure itself automatically once it all comes up. This fails miserably. If I run the command nvidia-settings -q myserver:0/FrameLockMasterable where myserver is the hostname of my server machine, it returns absolutely nothing. Not true not false, just nothing. What is supposed to be shown here, both if it fails and if it succeeds? I would expect something.

Then when I do nvidia-settings -a myserver:0/FrameLockMaster=0x00000001 to setup CRT-0 as the master, it returns a glibc error. All the previous steps to getting to this point succeed no problem. I can query all of the slave machines and disable framelock on them and everything. It is just setting up the master. And if I go into the gui and assign the master, then I can successfully use the command line to add all the slaves. Is it possible that there is a bug in the driver command that is failing?

I am going to do some more testing and have a whole bunch more information tomorrow when I gain access to the system again.
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