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Default Re: Xinerama (3 monitors) Double Cursor, GLX Bad Drawable on 2nd wine launch,no termi

Originally Posted by JFMR View Post
3. Can't bring up my terminals via Cntrl+Alt+F1/F2/F3 etc: With prior driver releases I would get a blank screen with a blinking cursor, later just a blank screen, now pressing Cntrl+Alt+F1 will restart the GUI.
So you are the lucky one, eh? For me, a freshly installed Fedora 10 with
stock "nv" driver just fully crashes when switching to a text console. After
installing the "nvidia" driver it looked a little bit better - that means: i can
switch to a console, but when then rotating with i.e. ALT+ARROW_LEFT
the computer just hangs at vt8. The solution for me was to install xdm
instead of using gdm, plus using evdev instead of the default kbd and
mouse drivers. It seems like there is currently a lot of development
going on that is supposed to make the boot process nicer for certain distros,
but it also seems that these efforts are done with hot needles and are very
poorly tested.

Originally Posted by JFMR View Post
Has an option like the "TwinViewXineramaInfoOverride" been added to the mainstream xorg since then?
Not that I'm aware of ...

Originally Posted by JFMR View Post
Does this patch still work?
I'm not maintaining this patch any more, because all the pain
those multi-GPU setups caused lead me to a different solution:

Originally Posted by JFMR View Post
5. Unable to run compiz (fails with a missing XGL error).
That's a know problem: the randr extension and xinerama don't play
nicely with composite extension. There are no signs that this is going
to be fixed in any foreseeable future.


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