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Default Problem with version 180.51 of the Nvidia driver

I downloaded the file from the Nvidia web site, and used it to install version 180.51 of the Nvidia driver on one of our HP xw4600 workstations. Although our application runs ok with this, I am having a problem when I log in as root. Many things are not visible when I log in as root. When I open a terminal window, the contents of the window are not visible. When I open the network configuration window, the host names and ip addresses are not visible. The Applications menu at the top of the screen is not visible until I move the cursor over it. Also, when I log at the Linux login window, the Username is not visible. I talked to HP about this, and they thought that the display resolution that we are using is not high enough. The resolution that we are currently using is 1280x1024. I temporarily tried changing the resolution to 1600x1200, but that did not correct the problem.
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