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Default Re: NVIDIA has restored their good LINUX support opinion in my eyes

Gregor, You said You reversed back to nVidia after ATI cards usage.
Please, tell us why You went back? I would like to hear some summary what was good/bad with ATI compared with nVidia and vice versa.
I think that could help us all clear the doubts about what to choose, we'll be able to see each vendor's pros/cons from real world example.
I have both ATI and nVidia and can't tell anything bad about ATI yet, everything works (including suspend/hibernate) with fglrx, games and stuff, 2D is blazing fast, compiz works just like that and so on, with latest drivers nVidia does about the same, except hibernate. VDPAU and faster X and kernel integrations are nVidia's pros.

Please, share Your expierence with us as well, that should be really beneficial...
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