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Default Re: Feature Request: KMS support

It's true that a lot of the work being done with nouveau and KMS isn't really applicable to the way that the nvidia driver does things. It's already doing mode setting in the kernel - but it doesn't do frame buffer support, seamless VT switching, allow kernel oops display while in X, etc. like the real KMS support does or promises to allow, which are the real things it's missing.

I think the nvidia driver largely has the opposite problem to a lot of the existing open-source drivers - it tries to do far TOO much in the kernel. Look at the size of the nvidia kernel module, it's as big or larger than the rest of the kernel combined! Maybe in Windows' graphics architecture all that junk needs to be in kernel space, but on Linux surely a lot of stuff could be moved into userspace. The KMS drivers seem to be doing it right - have what needs to be in the kernel in the kernel, and nothing more. If NVidia went down this approach of moving code out of the kernel part, maybe they could even get all the closed-source part out of the kernel, which is the biggest pain in the butt..
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