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Default Re: This UPS any good?

Originally Posted by Tr1cK View Post
My 900VA has a run time of 7 minutes under full load with my home PC. That's good enough for me. I'm only using around 420 watts though and that includes my 22" LCD.

I fully agree on getting a big one for your system or you will regret it later.
The GTX295 can probably eat 420W all by itself.

(It's really only about half that)

Originally Posted by saturnotaku View Post

So this one would probably be best for my system, would you say?
It's a tossup between the BR1500 and the BR1500LCD. The BR1500 (White) has slightly more runtime on the high end, and it also includes the ability to add an additional battery if you want extended runtime. For surge protection the BR1500 has network and the 1500LCD has Coax. Not sure if I'd use either as it might interfere with the signal (Just IMO, I may or may not be right). However the BR1500LCD wins on the price tag by $25, so if you don't think you'll want to have extended runtime it's probably the better choice. I personally have never really needed more than a few minutes and if the power is out for more than 5 minutes you probably need to find a flash light and take care of other issues. One good thing though is that if you're in a game for a minute or so and the power doesn't come back on, if you just goto the desktop you should drop your usage by about 50% allowing a couple of extra minutes for shutdown.

Here is the breakdown in run times for all of the models in that family.

Another little FYI to anyone using a battery backup is to check the power settings if you're using Vista. When I was testing my unit I pulled power from the wall and my computer immediately shutdown. Turns out the power management was set to hibernate the computer at like 85% battery remaining.
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