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Default Re: you gotta love the price of pc games

Originally Posted by Mr. Hunt View Post
Yeah... actually the opposite... what is better... Wolverine selling millions for 60 bucks a piece... or selling in the thousands for like 30 bucks? For the businesses... I am going to say they prefer the console side of the money.
I think multi-platform rubbish like wolverine is exactly what I don't want to see on the PC.

I am happy to pay TOP dollar for a proper PC game, which are of course few and far between nowadays. For example I would rather pay top dollar for the awesomely deep and complex Baldurs Gate II of old then pay for the rubbish/kiddy/gauntlet arcade clone that was the console version.

I'll pay top dollar, if the game isn't made incredibly dumb for the console meat heads.

I don't see that happening though.

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