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Default Re: Low resolution on 180.51 update, GeForce 7025/NVIDIA nForce 630a

Originally Posted by toys19 View Post
Read yes, understood no...
I think have managed to meet the requirements of point 3b (attach the nvidia install log), and 3d ( good title) but I cant for the life of me understand 3a...

Also during install I got this warning at the end:

WARNING: unable to perform configuration check for library '' ('/usr/lib/'); assuming succesful installation.
In fact what you did was a manual driver installation under a distribution with packaged drivers (fedora is my guess from the log).

First of all, this is not at all recommended. Read the sticky on how to install drivers on recent distributions.

Then: please generate a nvidia bug report. In order to do so, run as root / or with sudo on a terminal:

This will create a file you can upload here, which contains information about what went wrong. Probably either the driver was not loaded due to version / library mismatch as a result of the manual installation.

Please upload this file, then we'll look for further steps.

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