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Default installed NVIDIA card but Xserver won't start

Greetings all,
The IT office at my university determined that my Dell workstation had a faulty video card. Dell sent a replacement card (NVIDIA FX570); IT office replaced the card. I then downloaded and installed the driver from, and followed the recommended instructions whenever prompted.

When booting up RHEL, I get a blue-screen message "Failed to start the X-server".

I am running RHEL 5, my machine is 32 bit.

Here are some snippits from the xorg.conf and Xorg.0.log files that may or may not be relevant. There's more to the files, but I didn't know if it was acceptable to copy and past the whole thing onto this page. Any help would be appreciated. I'm pretty much on my own here, because my IT office does not support Linux. Thanks in advance.
From the xorg.conf (which was generated by nvidia-xconfig):

And from the Xorg.0.log:

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