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Default Re: This UPS any good?

It looks like a decent unit, the only thing I would be concerned with is how many things you want to backup with it. Looking at the rear of the device shows it only has 4 battery backup outlets, and they don't have the most favorable spacing. If you wanted to plug in something with a transformer on the end then you'd only have 3 battery outlets on it. If it is a concern you can always just use a PDU (Power Distribution Unit) for more outlets. Basically it's a power strip without surge protection.

It should provide a little more runtime than the other models as it has more battery capacity. I did a quick check on the batteries and they are $20 a piece so it's not much more than batteries for other models either.

I've been digging into the documentation on them, and they all seem to be in the similar range of features. The unit will go down to 90V before kicking onto battery, which would be bad IMO if it didn't have AVR. With AVR it should be able to stay running with only 90V input and still output close to 120V without having to kick onto battery. This saves the battery for when the power actually goes out and has less wear and tear.

If you can pick it up locally it would probably save some on shipping costs as the unit weighs 52Lbs. I think it any of the 1500VA models should be okay for your needs, and this one might have slightly higher tolerances since it is supposed to be for enterprise equipment.

I couldn't find anything in the pictures for Cyberpower's business software, but here is one thing that APC's business software does which is pretty cool. I do see the option for data logging though.

The high and low levels on that graph are where the UPS will kick into AVR mode. We were having issues with the unit kicking in and stay on because our power coming in was a little high. It can stay in AVR mode for as long as needed but if it's running out of range 24/7 it might be worth a call to your power provider to see if they can tweak the lines. The drop in the graph was me pulling the cord from the wall.

I wouldn't worry about the APC business models though as they are quite a bit more costly for the unit and replacement batteries. I don't think you need to be too concerned about 24/7 operation for your home pc.
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