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Default Re: New Hitman Game!

Originally Posted by NarcissistZero View Post
"Consoles just work" is usally my mantra when I switch to them, which I try to do every couple years. It's certainly their main upside.

I'm not really speaking toward that thouh, I'm just saying we need to accept market realities and quit knocking great games for being developed for consoles as a baseline. The market on PC is just not strong enough to support it being the baseline, and it's actually much easier to "start at the bottom" graphics wise anyway. One of the reasons the PC still sees such robust support despite the bad press, bad sales and piracy is because it's pretty damn easy to port a console game over without much investment. It's not going to change, unless PC sees a resurgance at some point.
I know you weren't saying it... I just had my own agenda. I will always play PC games, but lately I have been shifting WAY more towards consoles because of the fact that they just work better for me. I can deal with a lack of some AA or something, but I just hate to have to fiddle with a bunch of stupid settings just to get a game to work sometimes. Still torn on what I will even buy Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood on because of this... played the first on PC and loved it, but I just might have to get it for PS3 or something because I just feel like relaxing on my couch with a controller in my hand playing it.

Oh well.
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