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Default Re: New Hitman Game!

Originally Posted by NarcissistZero View Post
"Consoles just work" is usally my mantra when I switch to them, which I try to do every couple years. It's certainly their main upside.

I'm not really speaking toward that thouh, I'm just saying we need to accept market realities and quit knocking great games for being developed for consoles as a baseline. The market on PC is just not strong enough to support it being the baseline, and it's actually much easier to "start at the bottom" graphics wise anyway. One of the reasons the PC still sees such robust support despite the bad press, bad sales and piracy is because it's pretty damn easy to port a console game over without much investment. It's not going to change, unless PC sees a resurgance at some point. Pete Wanat was on a podcast I listen to recently and he basically said they reason there are still PC versions of all these games is because they're basically free to make.

So get over it, it's not changing, enjoy the games rather than focusing on this crap. Enjoy that they run in greater resolutions with more AA and have awesome mouse-aim... even the lamest console port is usually better than the original version.

Basically stop bit#^%ng. Thanks.
+1 and you know how many times I said the same, the consoles can act like a baseline and a pretty high baseline it is. nVidia said so themself mate

Then just scale up so im not complaining if I get proper input support and as it should be proper say graffics options to enable/ disable things and as MrHunt said Bioshock is a great game and let me add the recent Mirrors Edge as yourself said Narsi, it totaly feels like a Pc game

Of course multiplattform is the future, everyone must make a living and as it is know we get almost everygame and thats the beauty of it. say for a couple off years we may not have get all this great fantastic games on the Pc.

And as time goes on the devs learn that do it proper for all plattforms and ppl will be happy and shell out money for the game, console or Pc!
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