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Default Re: Console not restored properly when switching (or returning) from X with TV-out

Let me guess ... when you return to the console, the console font proportions seem to be a bit off, and, more importantly, the gap between the lines looks almost like someone set a typewriter to a line spacing setting of "1.5" or "2"?

We'd been seeing this with ATI adapters for 4-5 years now. And then the NVIDIA drivers started doing it this summer. :-(

We used to do two things to setup the console font (this is a Red Hat
Enterprise Linux - release 4 environment) so we'd get more than 80x25 text:
(a) added "vga=ext" to the kernel options in the grub.conf file
(b) changed the SYSFONT value in /etc/sysconfig/i18n to "lat0-08".

It was item "(b)" which left us with unviewable, but apparently active, lines below the bottom of the console screen. Now, we simply leave the SYSFONT setting at it's default value of "latarcyrheb-sun16", and suffer the normal 80x25 text mode. (But at least we can see everything.)
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