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Default Re: Seagate Barracuda 1TB Drives Biting The Dust

Originally Posted by DeusGear View Post
Same thing is going on with my 500gb baracuda es.2 drive. Never buying from them again.
QFT and they lost me as well from ever buying another one.

Just got one back from rma about a month ago, and the other just dropped out of raid on my server. I ordered another wd 640 to replace it, and I think I am gonna sell the refurbs.

I don't trust a word that comes from seagate about only certain models being bad, and I think they will only admit it when enough fail that they have no choice but to.

Originally Posted by DeusGear View Post
Great my game drive (es.2 500gb) is having i/o errors and writing a file to the drive causes a freezing and my main hard drive (250gb es.2) apperantly can die like this at any moment as well. Any idea what to replace these pieces of **** with?
Either the black (more cache better warranty) or the blue (faster)
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