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Unhappy When should the screen distortion and system freeze be solved ?

It is a notorious problem for many nVidia GPU and multi-core CPU users.
I suffered this problem for months, and no grace during the period.
By now, only reliable driver version is 96.43.11, the others(including 180.53, 185.*) will freeze my system within 30mins(for 180.53, time will extends to 4hr maximum).
If I want to use newer driver and require stability, the only working option is by passing maxcpus=1 to kernel. That means, I HAVE TO USE ONLY 1 CORE !!
That's very very BAD !! Maybe the nVidia developers should investigate version 96.43.11, to find out why 96.43.11 could offer stability but other versions don't.
By now, at least give me an information about this problem. Or just let us know that you nVidia care about this problem.

A nearly desperate user.
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