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Default Re: Seagate Barracuda 1TB Drives Biting The Dust

Originally Posted by DeusGear View Post
Great my game drive (es.2 500gb) is having i/o errors and writing a file to the drive causes a freezing and my main hard drive (250gb es.2) apperantly can die like this at any moment as well. Any idea what to replace these pieces of **** with?
What series and how old is the drive? It doesn't sound like it's related to this thread as you're having I/O issues. The bug present in this thread is a particular firmware that is causing drives to simply not turn on yet all of the data remains in tact.

I have 3 500GBs, 1 750GB, and 2 1TBs that I had to patch because of this firmware issue. All of them are alive and well.
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