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Default Re: AMD says about Linux Avivo support even for AGP cards

Originally Posted by enkidu View Post
And what about NVidia? for me new PC is not a priority, cause it seems, that buying X1950 card will be enough to watch HD movies with hardware offload. Buying new NV card supporting VDPAU means for me new motherboard and CPU - and then I wouldn't need hardware offload. You should really think about partial CPU offload (as in AMD implementation) even forcing community to write software modules. OC if you don't want to loose users - as your cards are kinda expensive in comparision with AMD ones. I've seen mentioned above card working smoothly with Linux. 50 Euros is nothing for me...
If the AMD card suits your need just buy it. Nobody is stopping you.
Btw AMD cards do not provide ANY video acceleration right now. You cannot use it on Linux until they provide API documentation or sample code.
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