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Default Re: Router and Port Forwarding Help

I'm going to give you another answer that you don't want to hear, MAGUS:

Build a router.

I spent 200 on brand new equipment for mine. Any PC that you can throw a few network cards in will be fine. Grab a copy of IPCOP or PFSENSE (what I run at home) and have at it. It gives you nearly unlimited expansion and control over your network. I would highly recommend that you at least download a Virtual Appliance or install the OS in a VM to check it out.

To attempt to give you some "useful" feedback...
Port Triggering varies from router to router. My old router used to do ranges for port triggering just fine. I actually had to use Port Triggering in lieu of Port Forwarding because I ran into a similar situation. It was a PITA to set up the rules, though.
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