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Default Re: AMD says about Linux Avivo support even for AGP cards

What GPU do you have?
Cannot use their acceleration - ok. But XvBA library seems to be included, so its only community fail. I cannot use NVidia's acceleration on AGP cards either. Don't know, how it would suit my needs, cause I need more power only to watch HD videos, for all other purposes old GF2 MX was enough, but when it died, I bought GF6600GT and really would like to get it working with more that MPEG1/2 acceleration. I know, that Linux Video Architecture is horrible, but community can handle writing software parts. Really.

Other "failure" - AMD has GUI for driver installer, while NV console-based one is very painfull for linux newbies. C'mon guys, we have 21st century and most of PC users are not console-friendly.
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