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Default Re: AMD says about Linux Avivo support even for AGP cards

Originally Posted by enkidu View Post
Cannot use their acceleration - ok. But XvBA library seems to be included, so its only community fail.
(Also) wrong: AMD/ATI forgot to release API and headers, so it will be very difficult to implement hardware decoding.
Note that people who succeeded to compile something (XvMC with XvBA library iirc) reported only crashes.
I cannot use NVidia's acceleration on AGP cards either. Don't know, how it would suit my needs, cause I need more power only to watch HD videos, for all other purposes old GF2 MX was enough
Originally Posted by enkidu View Post
What GPU do you have?
Note that this does not matter for the usage you described above (which is exactly why I use these cards: I don't care about 3D, only about hardware accelerated decoding), every card basically supports the same videos, only de-interlacing is limited on G98 (advanced de-interlacing for PAL over DVB and DVD works, though).
(G98 and G96)

Carl Eugen
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