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Default Re: AMD says about Linux Avivo support even for AGP cards

Originally Posted by cehoyos View Post
It works for me for HD streams on a Pentium III 500.
Interesting. I'll take your word for it - I was expecting that the amount of data being hauled in and out of RAM might be too much for 33MHz PCI, but maybe not.

Originally Posted by enkidu View Post
Other "failure" - AMD has GUI for driver installer, while NV console-based one is very painfull for linux newbies. C'mon guys, we have 21st century and most of PC users are not console-friendly.
All the major distributions have a 180.xx driver in their package managers by now. I've installed it (on openSUSE, in my case) without the need for any command line interaction. If you want to run the bleeding-edge drivers, then you need to learn a little something about how your system works.
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