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Default Re: GTX 285 96C in Furmark okey ?

Originally Posted by MaxFX View Post
Got my GTX 285 the other day and get 96C under Max stress test in Furmark and wondering am I gonna fry my card as it seems way to much ?

I know it stresses it the most out there and when I game it's at 86C the most what I have seen and that wont be a problem I hope
I'm not too sure what card you have, but I know eVGA designs their cards to run hotter than the other manufacturers. When I called them regarding the 8800GTX in my old system, which idled at about 85C, they said that as their cards are custom designed for performance and as such they run hotter than the reference design. I had initially thought the high temps might have been causing the artifacting and lockups I was experiencing, but they say their cards are designed to run optimally at temps of up to 130C. Seemed quite hot to me, but they designed the card and should know more than I do though.
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