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Default Dragonica. Free mmo

Just got into the closed beta that began today. And WOW
This must be the best free mmo that has ever been created and I have tried LOTS of them.

Im a mmo fanatic

But this game is just so well done and fun. I havent tried any other that has the same feel.
There are others that have the same kind of 2d model but nothing compared to this one.

Just a heads up to everyone else who wants a different mmo than what everyone else is releasing. And its free!

This isnt the run of the mill korean crap that is spewing out with a new mmo every week

Everything is so well done, from the party system to the missions to the skills and the effects.
I was drooling when playing it, that hasnt happened in a looong time

They made it so you can have the chat window outside the game window if you play in windowed mode.
They have thought of everything and I just take a bow to the developers for a fantastic done job.
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