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Default Composite extension problem with x86_64-180.51

Hello all,

Hardware spec:
HP Workstaion XW8200 with NVIDIA Quadro FX 3400.
Running Fedora 10 x86_64. I am currently using KDE 4.2.2

Problem description:
Last week I installed the x86_64-180.51-pkg2 drivers on my Fedora 10 64 bit system. Everything worked prefectly, no errors whatsoever.
However, I noticed a strange thing: After I log in to KDE(no errors reported in Xorg.0.log), if I try to switch from runlevel 5 (the default runlevel) to 3 , I get a blank screen and the system dies. Also, if I try to swtich to a different tty session <ctrl>+<alt>+<F2> for example, I get the same blank screen. However, this time, if I hit <ctrl>+<alt>+<F1> I get the X server back.
IF disable composite extension in xorg.conf everything works as expected. I can switch runlevels without any issues.
Could that be a bug in the drivers? Besides that I have had no crushes (knock on wood) using the desktop effect features.
One last question, if I disable composite in xorg.cong, would I still be able to run applications that need openGL support?
my compiz version is 0.7

Thanks for your help/advise
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