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Default Re: Console not restored properly when switching (or returning) from X with TV-out

Originally Posted by buchholz View Post
Let me guess ... when you return to the console, the console font proportions seem to be a bit off
Oops! I forgot to describe what "destroyed" means. And "destroyed" is the wrong word. I should have rather written "partly replaced".

No, it is not destroyed in the sense of missing, compressed or moved pixels. The characters themselves are fine, it is simply that I get some wrong characters when typing. For example:

former becomes
former becomes
former becomes ⁿ
former becomes
former becomes Σ
former becomes
former becomes
former becomes

The main part of the other characters seem to be ok.

Because I want to work with the normal vga (text) console as established by the kernel, any vga parameter during booting isn't a solution for me.

BTW, when switching to a vga (text) console while in X with TV-out, the display on TV vanishes and returns after switching back to X again. Is this as supposed to be?
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