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Default Re: wd raptors 300 gig

Originally Posted by fasedww View Post
Still waiting on my other raptor from ups today, I'm Doing a trial version of Paragon Hard Disk Manager suite 2009, It sells for 49.95, Probally buy it if works good, Sure looks like it will have it installed right now, easy clone method, can't wait for that other raptor. Ok when I get it clone to the raid raptors I'm going to wipe the segate drive, So then I have to install it to the raptors then, can you do this keep switching the software to different drives to do this?
Well when you install the software it's installed just like any other program, so if it is on the drive you are cloning it will be on the destination drive as well. No need to install it again as it copies itself during the clone.

Originally Posted by fasedww View Post
Think I should put my stripe size at 16KB, or 32KB, All I do is mainly game.

WD sent me the drive without the heatsink, so I have to return it be probally 6 more days before I get the other 300 gig raptor.
As for stripe size I've never played with it, so I just leave it at default.
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