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Default Re: Ubuntu NVIDIA install - source tree?

Originally Posted by froodley View Post
I realize this may have been addressed elsewhere, but I can't find anything,
Yes, Stickies are hard to see, I agree.

so please help if you can

I am trying to run the nvidia installer. I log out and shut down gdm, then run sudo sh NVIDIA...

It comes up and says it will have to build a kernel. Then it says it has an error finding the kernel source tree and that I need to install the kernel source. I have installed linux-source from Synaptic. I also installed a few linux-headers files that weren't.

I have also tried the EnvyNG install instead, and I get an error saying the headers for my kernel are missing and cannot be installed.

Please help!

Please do _not_ install the driver manually on Ubuntu if you don't have really good reasons to.

If you do have really good reasons:

You probably need the following packages:

linux-headers-generic (adapt generic to your architecture)
libc6-i386 (for amd64)

If it still doesn't work, please give us the output of

uname -a

and show us which packages linux-headers-* you have installed.

But again, I do _not_ recommend installing the drivers manually.
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