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Default Re: 180.16: GLXBadDrawable error on starting wine a second time

I've now tried the 180.60 prerelease and any (pre)release before that with 2.6.29, even 2.6.30 kernels and some weeks ago with 2.6.28, too. This bug occured on ANY combination of driver + kernel, in addition also in all beta releases.
One can start a second X, but one can't move applications from one to the other, therfore I'm losing the cause why I use xinerama: I can switch from ALL games (wine + native) to any application on the other screen during the play without any problem (the apps on my second screen are always visible, the game is frozen or even continues playing (depending on wether it handles WM_ACTIVE in wine or activation events in X; anyway it resumes playing when I switch back), I can easily and always switch back to the game with one single click, I can move the fullscreen from one window to the other, ...). I's far better than in Windows even and very far better than with nvidia's twin view.
But on the other hand, there's this annoying bug and I have recently recognized a slowdown in Half-Life 2, which doesn't occur without xinerama... Anyway, I think xinerama is the only acceptable soultion I know for playing games with dualhead.
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