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Default Re: Console not restored properly when switching (or returning) from X with TV-out

Ok, I did some testing and can provide further information which should help to track down the problem (provided that the support is reading here - please give some feedback).

1. The cursor repetition delay speed issue wasn't the driver's but X server's fault. It changes the speed which will remain after quitting X. With option AutoRepeat I set the same delay and speed as in the console and everything's fine now.

2. The font problem is as follows: After quitting X the font is restored to the default vga (text) console font (e. g. the DOS font of the graphics card) and not to the font previously changed with setfont.

3. When switching to the vga (text) console while X is running, there is a problem with the cursor and with scrolling / screen update. The cursor isn't at the input position but in the upper left corner, and scrolling / screen update isn't directly visible.

So, the two real bugs (numbers 2. and 3.) should be clearly described. Please support, comment.
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