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Default Re: Looking for 32-inch LCD

Originally Posted by Technoholic View Post
Like I asked, are they even good with analog cable? I mean good as in clear enough, bright, just right. I'm not looking for ultra sharp or anything as close as HD in an analog cable.

I did buy a shi++y Vizio 26" TV and the analog cable was GODAWFUL. Dark, not clear, grainy as hell, immediately I got a refund. But I do see Vizio improving A LOT. Their HD is amazing from what I see.
I was at Best Buy the other day and looked at the 32 inch SONY 720P. I ask the sales guy if he could put some normal TV on and he did, and it looked GODAWFUL to me, just terrible. I can't for the life of me understand why they would do that, just do what's necessary for everything to look normal when you move to an HD set. I've heard how bad standard definition looked on an HD set but that was the first time I seen it. He said they were using DirectTV so the standard definition TV channels should be fine. It definitely turned me off. Of course all the HD stuff looked very good.
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