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Default Re: GTS 250 from 8800 GTS Upgrade - Worth It ?

Could you move the HDD cage or is that the only spot for it? Might have to take some dimensions down and measure if it could fit or not. With a 250 you're going to be very limited with AA considering you'd be going down in memory capacity, although you are at a lower resolution... So it's hard to say. But in my thinking a 250 is basically a 9800 GTX, which is basically an 8800 at heart. You won't be seeing much of a difference compared to the 640 mb version of the 8800 GTS, 320 mb version yes. You'd actually probably see a bigger increase in performance if you had 8800 GTS 640s in SLI. But it wouldn't really be worth it, you'd get a little better performance out of 1 GTX 260 without the problems of SLI and more VRAM.
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