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Default Re: GTS 250 from 8800 GTS Upgrade - Worth It ?

Originally Posted by JasonPC View Post
Could you move the HDD cage or is that the only spot for it? Might have to take some dimensions down and measure if it could fit or not. With a 250 you're going to be very limited with AA considering you'd be going down in memory capacity, although you are at a lower resolution... So it's hard to say. But in my thinking a 250 is basically a 9800 GTX, which is basically an 8800 at heart. You won't be seeing much of a difference compared to the 640 mb version of the 8800 GTS, 320 mb version yes. You'd actually probably see a bigger increase in performance if you had 8800 GTS 640s in SLI. But it wouldn't really be worth it, you'd get a little better performance out of 1 GTX 260 without the problems of SLI and more VRAM.
Thanks. Everything here is about what I expected to hear, some performance increase but not a lot. I'll probably wait till the next generation ships and then buy something. I haven't looked at the hard drive cage recently but from what I remember it's fixed and you can't move it.

Thanks again to everyone for sharing your thoughts with me.
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