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Default Re: Killing Floor gameplay videos

Originally Posted by lee63 View Post
Hows the game play ? looks really jerky in those vids...not smooth like L4D.
It's actually very smooth for me on a single HD 4870. Like LJ said though, it can't be compared with L4D.

Configuring the game, joining coop, menus altogether feel very clunky and unfinished.

The 1 minute to trade is very irritating. Feels like you can't browse weapons choices, just grab and be happy.

I played a bit solo on hard last night, and if you have room to back pedal, there is no challenge, just slash away and you'll most likely survive no problem.

My biggest problem with it so far is the absolute lack of any atmosphere at all. You get the 'next wave' message, get rushed, go to trader and back to 'next wave' message.

Won't take long for my copy to grow some cobwebs.
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