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Originally Posted by crainger View Post
Not really funny. That's because of the PC multiplayer market built on 1942. Console was new territory, expect future BF games to sell well on consoles now.
Not really. Console gamers were waiting for console BF for years. Not to mention that there was bigger competition on PC multiplayer scene. sl0ppy_sec0nds got right. Narcissist yeah consoles are hardcore and the most hardcore is the one that is most popular called Wii. Come on Narcissist even developers of Deus Ex were talking about consolization of games, open your eyes Dice is making casual games while talking hardcore. Hardcore console "sims" eeee Gran Turismo and Forza, realistic warfare game like ArmA hmmm NONE so maybe some flight sim hmm HAWX, RTS? Civilisation Revolution that is dumbed down or new Halo game. Come on man my point is not to show you that consoles sux or PC is better. My point is that I got enough of this shi* talk from developers that they making hardcore, realistic games while they going more and more casual. Nintendo says true that they want to make casual games and they makes them while there's non stop talk how hardcore PS3 and Xbox 360 games are while developers are thinking how to make game more casual to sell more. Battlefield was never realistic but damn, now it is even lame. But I just hate this Dice talk, everybody knows that they are going to do more casual games, EA we know it's all bout money but they still talking BS that they make hardcore games, they just should stop acting.
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