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Default Re: IGN bashes Microsoft PC game support

Originally Posted by rudedog View Post
With that said, we get weekly emails on all the latest pod casts, blog posts, press releases, news blurbs, product info and so on. Only once did I ever receive anything in regards to "Games for Windows" and that was the kick off meeting to introduce the new GFW community/product manager (if you remember Ryan). That was canceled the day he was let go....... Seems that they never replaced him nor do they have any info, products, news, services for any of the Microsoft MVPs.

That in itself tells me where they stand on, supporting the PC market. I've called it a long time ago. The biggest enemy to the PC gaming market is Microsoft themselves.
Interesting info, and it only confirms what they are doing.

They don't believe in their own product.

And the problem is that there is no competition at all. With their monopoly they can do whatever they want and get away with it.

I'm not saying Windows is bad, I quite like it as an OS. I also enjoy gaming on it, which makes it sting when Microsoft don't care about their own original gaming product.
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