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Default Re: Visual Studio 2008 & .NET

Originally Posted by x0rcis7 View Post
I recently received a book on visual studio 2008 and after reading the first few chapters, I realize it says that compiled programs require the .Net framework. Im wanting to learn a programming language but from what it seems, learning visual basic would be a Complete Waste of time since it requires .Net. Is there anyway to create a project without the need of .Net. Why would someone want to waste this valuable time on VB when learning C++ would be 10x more beneficial? Thus said, should I forgot about VB and start with C++ since compiled projects can be distributed to any and all computers and work fine?
I recommend to start with C#. It's a good structured language, and it has few differences with Java (you will learn both, that is the advantage with C#). With Java, you need to install the Java Virtual Machine, and with .NET you need to install the .NET Framework (The mono framework for linux works pretty well today). You could start with C++, but, it needs more complex/advanced OOP concepts (plus the manual memory management) that you will learn with C# easily. C++ is powerful and a standard in the industry, no doubt about this, but, developing projects with C# is easy & fast, and the performance isn't bad. It's a more productive language.
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