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Originally Posted by Scendore View Post
Define fun? If you're into an arcade shooter then set your hair on fire. The flying part has nothing to do with flying. I bet people don't know that you only have about 20 seconds of MG time before the guns run out. The game is pretty silly and it will be yet another short lived title. Yeah it makes business sense alright. Just keep making thin titles rinse and repeat.

There is very little depth to this game which is why I mentioned IL2 Birds of Prey might actually bridge the gap.

It will be interesting to see if 1C can pull it off.
If I acknowledge that you know more about flight sims than the average PC gamer will you quit acting like Battle Stations: Pacific stole your cookies? Obviously the game was not marketed to you.

I build computers. I like a fast computer with sufficient power to run the current games. That's my standard for my own needs. I don't criticize my mother's Dell desktop that she uses for email and photos as being "insufficient". It suits her needs. Dell marketed it to meet the basic needs of a certain type of user. I'm not one of those users. So, I don't complain.

The only mention of "realism" on the official site is "Experience a new level of visual realism where the Pacific Ocean and its chains of islands truly come to life. Immerse yourself in the action with the all new ****pit view and fight the enemy at day, night and in different weather conditions."

Nothing about "flight models"
Nothing about "physics"
Nothing about "simulation"

In fact, the only thing it claims to simulate is command of WWII era battle fleets.

So, don't worry. This game was not meant to be your kind of game in the first place. It did no one wrong. Other games will come out. They'll talk about "realism" and "physics" and stuff like that. And then you can criticize those games when they don't meet your expectations. For now? Just run along and enjoy what you like and hope for what may be coming in the future.

BTW, for all you non-sim'ers...this game is a blast.
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