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Default Re: IGN bashes Microsoft PC game support

Originally Posted by nutcrackr View Post
Their budget for PC gaming support must be a tiny tiny fraction of the 360.
In all honesty though, if you ran the company you would do the same thing, or be fired by your shareholders. You have one product with is completely open, lacking royalties, hard to support, plagued by piracy and lacking in sales, while another product offers a closed system you control, sells a ton of software, gives you royalties on every copy sold and is harder to pirate software for.

It's a damn no-brainer. I don't blame companies for using common sense and trying to make money... The only reason I am irritated with MS right now is because they seem to actively sabotage PC games, which is a little over-the-line. Still, everything they do is completely understandable.

Originally Posted by crainger View Post
The biggest enemy to the PC gaming market is PC gamers themselves.

They hate the games and pirate everything in sight.
Agreed... the attitude of PC gamers is really a problem. They want their games cheaper, longer, constantly updated and expanded for free and without any trace of console origins, and if you make them at all mad or dissapointed they will steal your work and brag about it on forums.
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