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Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Still, consoles are the reason why gaming is a mainstream thing now. They're easy to use and cheap.
It's more the easy to use thing than anything else... go to a console forum and talk about Fallout or even Plants Vs. Zombies, no one is playing them, even though any remotely modern computer in the world can play them without an upgrade. They say things like "I hope it comes to XBLA"... even though they could play it now with no problems.

It's also a culture thing... PC gamers are mostly people who started gaming as an adult, and thus are older now, whereas most people who started as kids started with a Nintendo or something similar, and now it's just natural for them to play on consoles. Also, peer pressure is a powerful thing, and in middle schools and high schools across the country kids are talking about Halo, not Crysis. The only reason I myself ever played PC games when all my friends were playing NES and SNES and Genesis was because my mother, of all people, introduced me to adventure games like Sam and Max and Monkey Island.

Anyway, I'm rambling... the point is that consoles made gaming mainstream, and no one can deny that, but the reason games like Deus Ex and Morrowind are being simplified for their sequels has nothing to do with the consoles themselves.
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