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Originally Posted by mizzer View Post
If I acknowledge that you know more about flight sims than the average PC gamer will you quit acting like Battle Stations: Pacific stole your cookies? Obviously the game was not marketed to you.
First I'm not acting like anything. Like you I'm stating an opinion and just because it doesn't favor the game doesn't mean it's any less valid than yours.

Originally Posted by mizzer View Post
I build computers. I like a fast computer with sufficient power to run the current games. That's my standard for my own needs. I don't criticize my mother's Dell desktop that she uses for email and photos as being "insufficient". It suits her needs. Dell marketed it to meet the basic needs of a certain type of user. I'm not one of those users. So, I don't complain.
I don't think your analogy does you service in this case. The game is nothing more than a watered down flying arcade game much like many others out there. I'm simple stating it does nothing to promote any real skill or knowlege of the subject area of WWII Air Combat. It's yet another game for folks like you to go out and spend money play for about a week and never look at it again. Lets see where the game is in 2 years. I'm sure it will have a massive following and a supportive community.

Originally Posted by mizzer View Post
The only mention of "realism" on the official site is "Experience a new level of visual realism where the Pacific Ocean and its chains of islands truly come to life. Immerse yourself in the action with the all new ****pit view and fight the enemy at day, night and in different weather conditions."

Nothing about "flight models"
Nothing about "physics"
Nothing about "simulation"

In fact, the only thing it claims to simulate is command of WWII era battle fleets.

So, don't worry. This game was not meant to be your kind of game in the first place. It did no one wrong. Other games will come out. They'll talk about "realism" and "physics" and stuff like that. And then you can criticize those games when they don't meet your expectations. For now? Just run along and enjoy what you like and hope for what may be coming in the future.

BTW, for all you non-sim'ers...this game is a blast.
Oh I understand it's not a game that was meant for guys like me however it does touch upon on of my favorite genres which I do care about. It's too bad it doesn't do any justice to WWII Air Combat other than to give people the impression of an arcade game.

The other game I mentioned is an arcade flying game which sounds promising. Even though it has it's roots in some sort of arcade style flying game it has some interesting game play options that may actually give us Simmers someting to look at. And it may even help those that don't know anything about the Flight Sim world a glimps into something much larger than flying around with a HUD and endless bullets. Something that I find much more rewarding than what this game has to offer.

Regardless I'm not going to change your mind. You love it then go have fun with it. The game is what it is and you're right about the goals they never claimed reality even though the content comes from reality.

Just be aware that if a company puts out a game it's up for scrutiny by anyone. It's time for you to get over yourself already and get over the fact some people just might not like it. Like others I'm allowed to criticize it as I see fit and there is very little you can do about it so move on.
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