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Default Re: does flash player hardware mode work?

Originally Posted by jcornwall View Post
You can tell whether hardware acceleration is enabled by seeing if the CPU load is mostly on the Firefox or Xorg process.
So which is which? I'm seeing the load on firefox not xorg.

Flash won't use hardware acceleration if a compositing window manager is active. Even after killing it, I'm fairly sure the newest 64-bit Flash alpha doesn't use acceleration on my 7900 GS or GTX 260.
Do you mean composite must be disabled such as this in xorg.conf?

Section "Extensions"
Option "Composite" "Disable"

I'm not seeing a difference either way and with that composite does look disabled because no composite stuff works.

edit: well, ok, I am seeing maybe a small difference, although it could just as well be my imagination. if this is the hardware enabled flash benefit it's not too good. HD still not smooth and 69% cpu.

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