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Default Re: Windows 7 Build 7127 x86/x64 leaked

I had a prob with RC. It was all going so well. I was so impressed by the speed and compatibility. I had pretty much everything installed that I have on my usual Vista install (apps and the like). Media Center was much better too....

Then I went for a restart and sometime during the Shutdown process everything just froze and the computer just restarted with the BSOD. Next boot it seems the startup files were corrupted.

You could say that's just unlucky but I never experienced anything like that with Vista. This was a second partition so no harm done but I'll hold on the experiments with Win7 for now, and just wait for full release. From everything I've seen so far they've already sewn up a product that's superior to Vista. I'll jut delay my gratification till the end of year when it Retails.
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