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Default Re: you gotta love the price of pc games

Originally Posted by ATOJAR View Post
Agreed, No way a PS3/XBOX360 can compete with a decent pc, Games are alsmost half the priced brand new for a pc(25 usually for the top games), I much prefere a keyboard/mouse over a controller and the games on a pc at alot more graphically advance.

I hardly buy games for my ps3(usually cost 40 -50 for the top games), I own fifa09 & the wife owns singstar 1,2,3 & singstar pop .. the next game ill be buying for the ps3 in UFC undisputed then after that will be fightnight round 4.
That's why I don't understand the draw of the console. An acquaintance of mine recently spent almost two thousand dollars on an XBox 360, accessories and games when he could have put that money into his PC instead... with the price difference between PCs and consoles, i think you can make up some of the cost differences in hardware, plus you'll have a better experience (IMHO).
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