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Default Re: IGN bashes Microsoft PC game support

Originally Posted by NarcissistZero View Post
Exactly... As Crainger said, talking to console gamers and you see excitement and people having fun with games like FEAR 2 and Fallout 3... talking to PC gamers and you feel guilty for liking games at all.

Not all PC gamers of course, but enough.
You know what the main problem is? That PC gamers had even more excitement when the prequels of most games were released. Consoles gamers are adoring Bioshock, FEAR2 and Fallout3 (to name a few), whereas PC gamers had the opportunity to enjoy System Shock 2, FEAR1 and Fallout 1-2. All the prequels were way better (not talking about consolitus) and i don't care for the reasons but they were dumbed down (again this is not about consolitus). And i don't think that i have to remind anyone how much better the original Deus Ex was... right?

Though i did enjoy Fallout3 (even though it wasn't the classic Fallout, still it was great IMO), i do enjoy the MP of GRAW2, i enjoy Crysis, i enjoyed Doom3 (it needed almost a freakin year to be recognized by some here that were first saying that it sucked balls) and so on.

And no. I preffer Deus Ex 1. I prefer System Shock 2. I prefer FEAR 1. Because they were BETTER games. And i will be excited IF some new games have the same quality as those. But i can't pretend to be just to show that PC gamers enjoy the games

PS: Oh and look at Capcom's games. Most PC gamers are excited about them because they are great, their ports are soooooo good and it was only natural for them (given the excitement) to develop a PC version of RE5, the game that a lot of us waited patiently
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