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This is for Forge or dalek or anyone else who can help.

I have an EPox 86da+ - NF2 mobo and a GF4 4400 card. Using RH9 and kernel 2.4.20-8.

I am new to Linux, but am learning my way around.

But I have been having trouble trying to patch the kernel, and also installing the video drivers.

Here is what I did:

-Installed RH9.

-Used the tar file to install the nforce drivers. The RPM wouldnt work. Anyway after doing this the NIC worked fine.

-At this point I tried to use the agpgart patch. Everything appeared to be fine. But when I tried to compile it - i.e. make zdisk or make zImage, I got an error.

So I gave up on that.

Next I tried to install the video drivers.

Shut down X, modified XF86config file like I was supposed to, restarted X......and got a screen with some weird colors and letters, with a hard lockup.

What sequence should I use to install these drivers? nforce first? or GF4 first?

And what is NvAGP? How do I use that? I am thinking that agpgart was the problem for me.

Sorry for such newbie questions, but doing this is a great way to learn how to use Linux.

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