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Default Thinking of dumpig my 8200 IGP mobo

Hi. I've been trying to play 1080p material on my jetway 8200-based motherboard. The result is I can't play any 1080p videos with an acceptable quality (video stutters, audio-video aout of synch, framedrops, artifacts, etc).

So now I'm thinking of swapping my current mobo for another one with the 9300 IGP and, before doing so, have a couple of questions:

Has anyone in here been able to play 1080p material on a nvidia 8200 IGP ? I, mean, all types of movies, including those with the higher bitrates.

Is it that nvidia linux drivers do not support this IGP well enough yet or that the IGP's limit has been reached? Driver limit or hardware limit?

And, if the problem is the driver... is nvidia driver ever going to support playing 1080p material decently enough?

In other words, should I consider my 8200 IGP useless for 1080p??
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