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Default Re: Current state of KDE 4 performance

When using desktop effects with the recent batch of nvidia drivers (180.* or 185.*), should we be using direct or indirect rending?
I would assume direct would be more efficient, but this is really just a guess.

It IS strange that my laptop with a 7000m chip seems to handle compositing as smooth or smoother than my more powerful desktop with an 8800GTS. :/

I think the 185 series helps some by allowing small pixmaps to be placed in vid mem (on 8000 series card, as earlier cards already had this). It did seem to make a difference in firefox and konqueror.

Performance has come a long way though, and I'm grateful, but I think there is more to be done.

Another thing that can speed up compositing somewhat is disabling processor scaling. I've read some interesting articles stating that, while it lowers temperatures, it doesn't lower power usage, and in fact, can increase power usage because it takes longer to run a given instruction at the slower speed, which in turn can delay the computer from entering deeper sleep states. Just thought it was interesting.

In any event, when I run my processor full bore, kde 4 seems more responsive.

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